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    In-Circuit Test

    Required Documents

    • CAD (in ascii format)
    • Schematics
    • Gerbers
    • BOM
    • Drawings

    In-Circuit Test

    Test Coach has been delivering the highest quality in-circuit test programs since 1998. Our engineers have the education, experience and expertise needed to solve your most challenging test requirements. We partner with our customers to provide comprehensive test solutions, including consulting on: design for test, recommendations on the best hardware and software options to implement, test strategy, and long term planning for multi board projects. Our expertise allows us to really understand customer requirements, so that quotes are accurate and timely. However, we also understand that sometimes projects can change scope. At Test Coach, we have the flexibility to adapt to changes with as little impact to delivery as possible.

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    Our Value Proposition

    We deliver the whole package – the best quality test program, at a cost that makes sense, and delivered on time - all with the customer care and support we are known for.


    Test Coach understands that clear and timely communication is a key factor in successful project delivery and communicates with customers throughout the course of a project in a number of ways:

    At the outset, a Project Summary document is created and approved by the customer. The summary outlines all of the project requirements and data files to be used, confirms the destination tester information, provides a summary of project notes compiled during the course of the project, and includes a quality program acceptance checklist. In addition, status updates are provided during the course of the project, both by phone and/or email, on a weekly basis. When a project is completed, the customer is sent the tracking number for the shipment and a follow up call is made to ensure that the customer has no issues with installation and has the opportunity to provide valuable feedback that can be used to improve our process.

    Test Coach is ITAR Registered



    Project Requirements

    Test Coach Quality Advantage:

    • Test programs will always provide the best possible test coverage on every assembly, while minimizing false failures
    • Test coverage reports and board grader analysis provided with all programs to ensure reliability
    • Fixtures built to customer specifications and verified to Test Coach standards
    • Phone support, on-line remote access support, and/or installation per customer needs

    Hardware / Software Options:

    • Fully loaded Series III 3070 4-Module Unix/PC (5184 test nodes)
    • i3070 Medalist Tester
    • CAD Conversions
    • Quick Flash Programming
    • ISP Programming
    • Serial Eeprom Programming
    • PIC and Microprocessor programming
    • Advanced Boundary Scan
    • Silicon Nails
    • DFT/ Testability Reports / Analysis
    • Limited Access Solutions
    • Panel Test
    • Throughput Multiplier
    • Test Jet and VTEP Vectorless Testing
    • Device Model Development
    • 12 Mhz Data Rates
    • Custom Functional Test
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