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    Boundary Scan Test

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    Boundary Scan Test

    Boundary Scan is a very useful tool for quick, low-cost, re-usable powered-up test of an assembly for basic functionality. Because a fixture with test probes is not required, it is possible to have a working test available within hours or days, rather than weeks. Designers can receive rapid feedback on their prototype boards with tests that can be used again during production testing, as well as for device programming. Given power, ground and Tap port signals, tests can be written to assess the performance of the boundary scan enabled parts on an assembly and other parts on the boundary scan chain.

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    Center of Expertise (COE)

    In addition to being a member of the Goepel Associated Technical Experts (GATE) program, Test Coach is also a Center of Expertise (COE) for Goepel in the United States. As a COE, Test Coach works in conjunction with Goepel on jtag/boundary scan test development utilizing the new products and capabilities offered by their award winning hardware and software products. Test Coach also provides consultation to customers on development of integrated solutions employing JTAG/Boundary Scan products onto the In-Circuit and Flying Probe test platforms.

    Advantages of Boundary Scan Testing:

    • High fault coverage
    • Low fixture and development costs
    • ISP and device programming capability
    • Support throughout product life cycle

    Services Include:

    • Design for testability analysis – can include test point reduction for bed of nails test fixtures
    • Test program development and Boundary Scan tool integration
    • Stand alone test solutions or integration with 3070 ICT, SPEA Flying Probe and other test systems
    • Device programming and cluster testing for increased fault coverage
    • System Training
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