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    Flying Probe Test

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    Flying Probe Test

    Producing the highest quality test programs since 2005, Test Coach is the proven specialist firm for flying probe test. Our in depth knowledge of SPEA systems and over 15 years of honed flying probe test techniques guarantees that our test programs offer the highest test coverage possible. As an In – Concert Partner with SPEA, we work closely with their team to keep at the forefront of new product innovations and technology, so that we can provide the latest advancements to our customers. In addition to test program development, we offer board test services, maintaining the systems and staff that allow for high throughput and the ability to consistently deliver the rapid turn times that customers can depend on. And, with 7,000 square feet of space, we feature a modern, clean, ESD safe and ITAR registered facility that surpasses expectations.

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    When is Flying Probe Test appropriate?

    Flying probe test is often the best choice for prototype, low volume production runs, products with short life cycles, and when quick turn test program development and board test are needed. Flying Probe offers a low cost test option with excellent fault detection without the need for custom fixtures. And, since flying probe does not require the traditional bed of nails fixture, costs for design changes and board re-spins are minimized.

    High accuracy, small needle probes allow the flying prober access when test points are not available. It provides the ability to probe component leads, small targets such as fine pitch components and QFN pads.



    Project Requirements

    Our Services

    • Quick Test program development
    • Prototype and Production board test
    • Bone pile testing of boards
    • Design for Test Analysis

    Our Systems

    • 2 SPEA 4040 testers, fit board sizes up to 24” x 27”, 1 tester with Goepel Boundary Scan integration
    • 1 SPEA 4060 with double sided probing, for board sizes up to 20” x 16”
    • All systems are fully loaded to include – Nodal Impedance Testing (NZT), AOI capabilities, Electroscan, and additional power supplies for power up capabilities.
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